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Stand with Crypto: What is the movement and why does it matter?

If you have spent any time watching the news or twitter, you would know about Elizabeth Warren’s “Anti-Crypto Army” and Genseler’s crusade and against innovators operating in good faith on the tech frontier. Their narratives and actions are made possible by the misinformation around crypto and the lack of a clear legislative framework to both support and punish operators in the space.

A prominent feature of blockchain and cryptocurrency is the concept of “decentralization.” However, if builders and consumers are distributed throughout the world, it becomes a greater challenge to gather and advocate for the space. Advocacy and education are paramount to ensuring our legislators and the general public understand and appreciate the importance of blockchain technology. Until now, the U.S. has not had a unifying approach to advocacy for our space. That has changed with Stand with Crypto.

What is Stand with Crypto?

The Stand With Crypto Alliance is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that champions for clear, common-sense regulations for the crypto industry. They are mobilizing the 52 million crypto owners in the US – a demographic that is younger (60% Gen-Z and Millennials) and more diverse (41% identify as racial minorities) than the general US population – to unlock crypto’s innovation potential and foster greater economic freedom.

Visit the Stand with Crypto website to get involved, especially if you're a US-based blockchain enthusiast. You can call or email your Elected Official, mint an NFT "Stand with Crypto" shield, or share your story on Twitter. We urge all creators, developers, and holders to engage.

Why do we need this?

I joined Stand With Crypto on Capitol Hill, where over 40 crypto and blockchain founders, representing 1,500 jobs nationwide, discussed the significance of crypto with Members of Congress. In the end, we met with over 40 offices on both sides of the aisle. Many lawmakers support blockchain innovation but lack clarity on subjects like stablecoins or the impacts of Gensler’s actions and words on US companies and innovators. Most outsiders only hear voices like Warren's and Gensler’s due to our decentralized presence. Stand with Crypto unites our voices, ensuring we're collectively heard, and empowers all of us with easy-to-use advocacy tools.

Over 52 million Americans own crypto and over four million jobs are at stake without proper crypto regulatory clarity. There are more owners of crypto than own electric cars, watch football, or are a part of a union. Our voice matters and it's important that we use it. If you care about crypto, it's time to prove it.

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Jonah Kitay
Jonah Kitay

CEO & Co-Founder of NiftyLabs

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